Project Overview

Technology: next.js, aws lambda, AWS ecs Idea: One-click cloud infrastructure deployment for common architectures

After learning next.js, I began exploring Vercel's template library. Vercel has a great experience "Deploy on Vercel" button that makes it easy to deploy a Next.js app to their platform. I liked the idea of a one-click dev & infrastructure button, but wanted to still host my app on AWS and maintain control over my infrastructure.

I have several AWS CDK templates from various different projects and wanted a way to simplify future project setup to a "one-click" experience. So, I created a one-click experience for AWS, offers common architectures and stacks and pre-configures the deployment process, enabling easy deployment of applications on AWS. It features an all-in-one platform with open-source templates and a collection of production-grade applications. Key offerings include effortless infrastructure and application deployment, proven stacks, quick idea launching, CloudWatch integration for monitoring, CodePipeline for CI/CD, ECS for autoscaling, and expert support from FAANG engineers.

For more details, visit here.